How ridiculous – The certainty of Cancer is 10x easier than the possibility of Corona Virus!

The certainty of Cancer is easier than the possibility of Corona Virus. What a bold statement, could that really be? Here is why it felt that way to me! Receiving a cancer diagnosis from a Dr. I worked with was simply devastating, it probably would have felt equally devastating even if I did not know him! What did it do? It removed questions about – could he have made a mistake? Is he experienced, should I seek a second opinion? I knew his professionalism so it was a weirdly reassuring drop in the sea of turmoil. With all the questions […]

NHS – Hate it, Love it, take it or leave it!

The NHS gives blood, sweat and tears to ensure people shed less tears over loved ones. Love it or hate it, we need it. I love the NHS and believe in it with all my being. I work for it and have been privileged to work for Trusts where optimal is the norm and expected. But does it have problems? Yes. I have devoted my life to the NHS, so I never expected having to fight tooth, nail and grit for my own personal basic care.  The beginning of my crazy journey was spent septic in various hospitals in Portugal […]