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Rise of the vegetables

As a child I had never tried celery, so when I came to the UK and tried it…lets just say I really really really disliked it. For me it is up there with marmite, which I dare say I hate. Now guess what, here celery is used in cottage pie, soups, salads, chilli con carne. As a University student on a budget, often eating at the canteen, you can imagine, it reduced my choices a bit, maybe a big bit.

Having said that, have you seen the health benefits of my arch nemesis?
Needless to say I committed myself to eating it and with a few tricks I can now even eat it raw with a dip.

Many people struggle with eating fruits and vegetables and often they started making food exclusions as a child. Either by completely refusing to eat them or by eating them against their will.

However, eating fruits and vegetables does not have to be overbearing!

How about trying something new everyday, or even every week? You may be surprised that often our anticipation of dread may turn up to be a pleasant surprise.

How about adding veggies to your diet in a way you barely notice them until you get the taste for it?

Juicing as you may be aware is quite fashionable, you get to add your dreaded vegetables with your favourite fruits and drink it even if you need to pinch your nose! Joking!

You will be glad to know there many other ways to add the fruits and vegetables so you can experience them without the displeasure of the taste. Many of the tricks have been around for ages! I am in the process of compiling those tricks and hacks in a recipe book I will release for free later in 2020.

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