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When the odds are stacked against me, I refuse to believe I have to give up on being fit and healthy. So how do I keep the focus? Progress is better than Perfection – I recently heard when I took up an online digital marketing course, in order to keep my sanity and avoid drifting into the sadness that walk in tangent with my circumstances.

As the eldest child of educated parents the pressures to succeed and take on high level education were immense. So often we find ourselves doing things for the wrong reasons or simply doing things that are not right for us or even take on too much without knowing how we will get all done.

In society we strive for perfection, the perfect timing, the perfect circumstances aligning before we can set off and do whatever we propose ourselves to do. Be it take on a business, starting a new career, starting healthy eating, among many.
How many times have we told ourselves:

  • I will start a business when I learn A, B and C;
  • I will start a new career after I my circumstances change; or even
  • I will start healthy eating after i read up about this new diet on the news.

In reality, business owners don’t learn before they have the business. They have the business then learn most through troubleshooting. Our circumstances wont change as if by magic, we have to actively and physically change them. We can read up on diets to our hearts’ contempt but there is so much conflicting information out there that if you are waiting for clarity to make changes, you may not make the changes you already know could help such as drinking more water, reducing or totally avoiding refined sugars, alcohol, increasing your activity levels if you know you are sedentary. Does this mean you stop seeking better advice and guidance? Definitely not! But remember, progress is better than perfection and like the slogan of one of our supermarkets – “every little helps” Please note I am not saying change your supermarkets and this article is not sponsored by or in any way making money from the supermarket in question.

Why is progress better than perfection though?

Firstly, it frees you from trying to have whatever done perfectly. Secondly, it removes the big procrastination monster and thirdly, it introduces in our minds that nothing is definite, we can come back to it later and improve it.

As I write this I mind is going onto the book on my audible and my podcasting, which is currently on hold until I sort a few things. What about you, what is your mind highlighting for you to bring forth?

I am looking forward to the satisfaction of accomplishing something on my long to do list!

Happy checklisting!

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