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Peeling the layers of time,

No longer looking back,

Looking forward to a time that is absent of lack.

True Purpose!

Peeling the layers of time,

No longer feeling blue,

As big changes loom, 

I know I’ll find the moon.

True Hope!

Peeling the layers of time,

No longer fearing pain,

With a heart as high as the sun at noon,

A butterfly bursts from its cocoon.

True Healing!

Peeling the layers of time,

It’s time to look ahead

Time to find the knack,

Time to raise my head,

Exhale and get back on track.

(Peeling the layers of time by Catia Pontes-Kicks, March 2013)

Am I ready to change?

It’s all well and good to imagine what we want and where we want to be, but what does it take to take that first step?

Information, more, less? Less may be more, as we can always learn as we go, but too much can just be confusing and paralysing on the same token!

I know what my challenge is – to lose weight, I am willing to make changes by doing intermittent fasting, choosing the ingredients more closely, but overwhelmed by my goals in view of my current circumstances – pain, less movement than I’m used to and on a crazy hormonal trip. I truly do not know how long it will take for these changes to impact my body! 

 It is always hard when try to find a solution for ourselves and we always have the answers when it comes to someone else – So I best turn this around! What would I say to someone else in that situation?

I would do my 4 Ms:

I would start with working on mindset – creating that can do belief, show examples of people who have done it, as a constant reminder that all it takes is one step at a time.

I would then ask them what their motivation to change is. Understanding their reasons will help to stay the course even when the initial fire had long gone.

Movement – to move, to act we need to have clear goals, a direction! Is there a strategy on how to achieve those? Are they achievable and realistic? 

Do they often take a moment to imagine how life will be once they achieve? How will they feel? How will this impact those around them? Those are all incredibly important steps we cannot afford to skip.

So I will start to peel the layers of my time and get into the right Mindset, check my motivation, move in the right direction and take a moment to enjoy the journey!

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