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I was married before, to cut a very long story short – we were not suited for each other and the relationship became very toxic. During that time I had experienced a myriad of emotions from disappointment, sadness, regret, heart break. Soon i had to make a decision which i believe would be best to get out – at the time i felt like I could not breathe and was drowning.

We often find ourselves in situations that totally overwhelm us, like a job we hate, toxic relationships – amorous or otherwise. It is really important to identify the toxic arenas in our lives and ask yourselves, do I need it, do I want it, must i keep it – if you answer No to 2 or even 1 of those, then you need to review more closely how important it is to you, can you change it somewhat and give yourself a future date to reassess the changes made.

Other emotions such as feeling inherently unloved, or insufficient if they stem from childhood from before we knew how to vocalise, they will require a much deeper support to uproot, such as counselling or psychology. If they belong to a time when you could understand you can often affirm yourself out of them once you first acknowledge them and later understand them. Those often tend to be a disconnect between the way we view ourselves, the way others view us and the way we perceive they view us.

In the case Heartbreak, disappointment or disillusion (sadness) – give yourself permission to resort to comfort (food, favourite places, people, within reason).
Remember that God works in mysterious ways and even when you don’t see the point or reason does not mean there is not one. For me my heart broke when i was pregnant and had to be hospitalised while abroad with risk to both mine and baby’s life, however what I never knew then this would lead to my incidental diagnosis of cancer – caught at the perfect time.

Take time for yourself, pray and meditate.

For this year my wish for you is that you are aware of your emotions, can work with them and not in spite of them to achieve a happier self.

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2 thoughts on “Managing Emotions Part 2

  • Nishat

    Wow, I have read one post and absolutely love your attitude and thinking. Can’t wait to read more!!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment Nishat! I paused while I was in hospital, but your lovely comment has renewed my energy!

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