Catia's story

Catia’s story

Name: Catia Nickname: Katee (family) Married with 2 children Profession: Healthcare professional, Entrepreneur, Coach/mentor, Marketer. Been there done that: abusive relationship, divorce, single mum, cancer.

Catia has struggled with weight her whole life. First for the lack of knowledge and guidance and later for the lack of belief. As a child, she was often home alone in charge of chores like cooking the meals for herself and her brother. And children will cook what children want to eat! Hardly the healthiest choices, as you can imagine. As a result Catia grew up overweight, insecure, feeling unworthy and not beautiful. Looking out of the window peering into what ifs, she longed taking part in the normal teenage benchmarks that were passing her by.

Fast forward many years and there she was, mother of a 6 year old, pregnant – with a baby that had a one in seven chance of having trisomy 21.

During Catia’s very limiting high risk pregnancy she became septic, severely ill while abroad and was hospitalised for 8 days and in Dec 2018, was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

Catia’s world shattered into a thousand and one pieces. She had questions like would her baby make it, would she be around the following Christmas and others. Catia worried about piecing herself together in time to show her very emotionally intelligent six year old and her husband how strong she was and that she was going to get through that.

“Thank God for my crazy journey! Being so close to losing my life made me realise I want to regain my health, conquer my fitness, for myself and for my loved ones. I want to lead by example. “

Now, she have a healthy baby girl, had her kidney removed, and still has health issues that need addressing and limit her activities.

But with all odds stacked against her, she refuses to believe she has to give up on being fit and healthy.
Catia now has the knowledge and an unwavering belief in her abilities. So, as she get amazing results she will share my secrets with you.

“In my journey I will shed 35kg/ 77lbs. I will start doing some physical activity, starting with walking and increasing as my pain allows it. I will address my fatigue head on. All these while pursuing my interests and continuing to nurture and be nurtured by my loved ones.”

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where Catia opens her heart, and tells of her journeys through a variety of things included the dreaded big C.

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