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Epiphany moments can be amazing – we reassess our priorities, but can also be harrowing, we realise the mountains we have to climb and they often involve change.

Through the years there have been many decisions and changes that were made for many reasons that in the end were meant to align with better health! Some did and many didn’t yet, as my 7 year old coined yesterday FAIL – in Fail all is learning. I have learnt more from the “failures” then from the achievements.

I chose to chemically process my hair at the age of 15, not because i had what was perceived to be “bad afro hair”, on the contrary, it was classed as very good hair, too good for my darker complexion. When I looked around me, I did not see examples that I could emulate with fashionable natural hair styles. Most people either relaxed or had plaits with extensions and if you did not like the latter, the only thing left was to chemically straighten your hair.

Many years later, my scalp became hypersensitive, would itch for 2 weeks after each chemical process. I had a little girl and realised she would not know my true hair and potentially associate straight hair with her future only option. A research came out and associated the top chemicals in the product with uterine fibroids, something that became an increasing problem as the years passed.

Radical changes sometimes turn out to be positive changes

So I cut off all my hair and started to grow my natural hair! At the time, i remember shocking those close to me, husband worrying whether that was a sign of a breakdown. It was not an emotional breakdown but it was a breakdown of the walls of fear in what the future would hold after embracing this change. Did I have doubts? Of course, I worried if I would still be attractive to myself, to husband, if my hair would be good enough, if I would do it justice, if I would be able to learn how to look after it within a busy lifestyle.

Through the years, I often heard how cancer patients could not use deodorants and at times attempted my own hand at it. I ended up reverting back to the store bought often aluminium filled options. Until recently, I am questioning a lot, I don’t know what contributed to my cancer, whether even if I had done all 100% right (health-wise) I would still have had it. Whether my life would have not been so negatively impacted by my fibroid and P.C.O.S. (policystic ovarian syndrome) . So I made a decision to look into everything I can to reduce the amount of oestrogen stimulation I come into contact with from nutrition to cleaning products, cosmetics…

What ha-ha moments have you had lately that are nudging you into action? 

Is there one action, one simple action that may make a difference in your health?

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2 thoughts on “Bad choices that lead to healthy choices

  • MIL

    I am so impressed with your honesty.Others will get positive vibes from reading it and making the necessary changes that are life enhancing.

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